Portugal small country ….Global Impact

There aren’t many small countries that can attest to the  level  of global influence than to that of Portugal’s. It’s as if the language, intentionally or not, has transcended to all races around the world. The Goans of India, the oriental influence within Macau, the Portuguese  historical presence within Labrador, Canada,  Brazil’s  multicultural ethnicities,  and the African inhabitants of Mozambique  and Angola.  Although, I believe the Portuguese explorers forgot about colonizing the South Pole, but then again, it might have been intentional. I couldn’t see Vasco da Gama camp out with the penguins during the winter !

Yet, it is no wonder that I am drawn to many cultures and want to embrace  and celebrate the commonalities of racial themes. It is probably innate due to my ancestry and natural appreciation of Portugal’s historical influence. The common quest to not only discover the physical world, but the longing to exchange ideas with fellow world citizens.

I am often perplexed with the Portuguese enigma, are we a “people in transition” ? Certainly not just one race  because many races  speak the Portuguese language. It is not just the history that binds us, nor is it our ancestral heritage or the flag of the mother country, but rather it’s our communication to one another, shared cultural experience, hard-working values. So if it’s the language that brings us together, then we have much in common with the English and Spanish-speaking world. We are a people of language, influence and pride. Therefore patriotism may have a different meaning here. Can patriotism be exclusive to one Portuguese speaking colony at a time ?  Or can it mean a shared culture and language  towards the affiliation of  the original country? Do we desire Portugal to be home ?  Perhaps,  it’s similar to the idea of the nuclear family, where the parents eventually encourage their  kids to go out and be independent, find their own place in the world, yet they can always come back home. It’s  an open invitation, the unconditional bond.  And so we should, Mother Portugal. To those that made their new homes in Brazil, Cape Verde,  Aruba,   Boston  U.S., Toronto, Vancouver and South Africa, we all adapt and create a space, knowing there’s a little place across the Atlantic called “home”.  Portugal,  small country ….global impact !

M. Dasilva
November 24, 2009


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